How does it work?

In the ICT Online Collaborative Program model, students are admitted to and receive a credential from the college they have chosen as their Home Institution. Home Institutions share their students with other colleges that teach courses. Teaching Institutions - the college that delivers each course - share their instructors with students of other home institutions. Students and instructors are thus participating in 'shared virtual classrooms' to accomplish their learning in the online courses. This means students will be taking courses from a number of institutions other than the one that admitted them to the ICT program, all leading to a credential in Information and Communication Technology. One advantage of this collaboration is that it fosters a community of learners across colleges in the online courses that students register for and participate in.

There are currently two online collaborative programs offered under the BCcampus Online Collaborative Program model:

While each collaboration and partnership is unique, all have a common set of principles for program delivery that are agreed to by the participating institutions.

In addition to the above collaborative online programs, there are also collaborative services for learners currently supported by BCcampus that may help you with your learning. With collaborative services, institutions coordinate existing resources to deliver online learning or student services beyond what any individual institution could provide on its own. One such service is AskAway, B.C.'s provincial post-secondary library virtual reference service, that allows B.C. learners, educators and researchers to chat with librarians and get research help from wherever they are.

Collaborative programs such as the ICT Online Collaborative Program usually develop from a desire or need for co-operation between colleges and universities in a specific academic program or curriculum area. This partnership includes agreements on providing an online collaborative program through sharing - sharing information, students, faculty, program courses and content, and delivery.


The shared virtual space for the students - the BC campus - and the means for connecting the participating institutions, faculty and students of the collaborative programs, are hosted and supported on behalf of the participating colleges and universities by BCcampus.

This means students will have a BCcampus account created for them by their Home Institution's coordinator so that they can access their course at the BCcampus site. With that account, students can log in to their online courses from the Collaborative Program website through a learning management system called Desire2Learn (D2L). Once registered for courses through their Home Institution, students will receive a welcome letter email from BCcampus indicating how to access their courses.

Note that once registered for a course, students have an account with their Home Institution (e.g., for the Home Institution portal, email, etc.) - be sure to make note of the account's BCcampus User ID and password.